01. The curtains opened to [reveal] a darkened stage.
02. It was [revealed] during their divorce hearing that her husband had had numerous love affairs with other women.
03. Singer Mick Jagger's biography is a [revealing] look at the sex and drugs lifestyle of today's rock stars.
04. Benjamin Disraeli once said that the greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to [reveal] to him his own.
05. Hippocrates once said that things that are holy are [revealed] only to men who are holy.
06. Pamela Anderson was wearing a very [revealing] low-cut mini-dress at the awards ceremony.
07. Just before she died, my grandmother [revealed] to me that she had had a lifelong affair with her neighbor.
08. You can totally trust Jaimie; she will never [reveal] your secrets to anyone.
09. The teacher [revealed] to her that she had gotten the highest mark in the class on the math test.
10. The Prime Minister was forced to resign after the [revelation] of widespread corruption in his party.
11. Islam is a [revealed] religion, transmitted directly by Allah to his messenger, the Prophet Muhammad.
12. Leonard Cohen sang that children show scars like medals, and lovers use them as secrets to [reveal].
13. There is a Celtic proverb which observes that wine [reveals] the truth.
14. There is an Italian proverb which observes that to him that watches, everything is [revealed].
15. The x-ray [revealed] a small tumor in her breast.
16. The religion of Islam teaches the word of God as [revealed] to the Prophet Mohammed.
17. The Dominican Republic's many old buildings [reveal] its colonial past.
18. Someone once joked that an X-ray [reveals] a lot about a man, but an ex-wife [reveals] much more.
19. Michelangelo's paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome were [revealed] to the general public for the first time in November of 1512.
20. [Revelations] of corruption in government have led to calls for a public inquiry.
21. David Suzuki notes that each new scientific discovery we make merely [reveals] the magnitude of our ignorance.

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